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ShirShamayim: Earlier Songs

They Said They Never Saw Him Laugh

    They said they never saw Him laugh
 but some had seen Him weep 
No ordinary shepherd this;
 one given to His sheep 
His eyes saw far beyond the flock
 to pastures green and deep 
They said they never saw Him 
laugh but some had seen Him weep 

They said they never heard Him
 tell at what address he slept 
He always wore a sorrowed look
 of secrets that he kept 
But each song that he sang was
 of a land beyond our sleep 
They said they never saw Him laugh
 but some had seen Him weep 

They said they never heard
 a man who put God into words 
Who fed the very hungry with 
the truth they never heard 
Who bore a cross to Calvary,
 Our little souls to keep 
They said they never saw Him laugh,
 but some had seen Him weep 

They said they never knew a man 
had risen from the dead 
But neither in a bed nor tomb
 would God's son lay His head 
But in a kingdom far away he 
took the better path 
Where now none ever see Him 
weep but only see Him laugh. 

 Elizabeth Best Ph.D.
 All rights reserved 

Going Home in the Morning

Well I heard my father
waits beside a window
Guess he wonders what's 
become of me, I know
There's a thousand things 
I could never tell him
If he thinks his heart is 
broken now, He'd know
The saddest things of all
aren't spoken, so
I will leave the 
pain behind me 
in the morning
I will leave the
pain of knowing
what I know
And my heart itself will
walk the sorrow
homeward, Going homeward
Cause I finally came to
no place left to Go,
    Going Home, 
Going Home in the Morning,
Cause the Wind sure can 
blow cold out in a storm
Though the miles they 
travel on in the morning
In the morning, 
I'm going going home.
Once I fell in love with 
love that died on Calvary
And I promised Him 
I would never go
Promised, that I would
never leave Him
I am not sure how my 
heart it grew so cold
Not sure how the wrong
has grown so bold
I remember when the 
'Son' lit up my living
Remember He was 
everything to me
The only gift sin gave 
was bitter giving,
Bitter giving
I am turning my heart 
back to Calvary---
Year by year the day by 
days are growing shorter
He is coming sooner 
than we all may know
If you've wandered far
beyond your Savior's
If you hear His voice 
today, Just
turn and go
For there may not be
a time to reconsider
And he'd be so said to
find you where you are
You can come back home
All has been forgiven, 
If you're lost, you just
look for the Morning Star
Cause He knows just
where you are 
Just where you are-----
YOU ---
     1989 e.k.best

Lamb of Calvary


Oh it was a dark and stormy afternoon 
'Neath the sky all of 
Jerusalem was weeping 
For a cross of wood outside 
the gates of golden 
Where they crucified the
 lamb of Calvary 

Oh there never was 
a sadder afternoon 
And the guards of Hell stood 
at their posts rejoicing 
Just to watch the bitter hearts 
regard the suffering 
When they crucified the 
lamb of Calvary 

Oh they took his gown 
and beat him till he bled 
And they drove the 
iron nails deeply 
And he only turned to say,
 Abba, forgive them 
When they crucified 
the lamb of Calvary 

Well at evening time they 
took away the cross 
So no one would be 
reminded of the terror 
And they laid his body 
in a rich man's cavern 
When they crucified 
the lamb of Calvary 

But in three days' time
 all heaven gathered round 
Just to watch his Father
 roll away the boulder 
And the truth walked out
 that death was never final 
When they crucified 
the lamb of Calvary 

Oh, Lord Jesus may 
I never fail to see 
The dear cost of every
 sin your blood has covered 
Let me count each precious
 drop my savior's given 
Just to count me as 
a lamb of Calvary 
They cold never kill
 the lamb of Calvary 

1988 Elizabeth Best Ph.D.
 All rights reserved

Guilty Said the Judge


    'Guilty', said the judge
It was no charade.
But three marched down 
a cruel street.
It made a sad parade.
The first man he was angry
He mocked and spat and cried.
The second hung his head
 in shame
A death already died.
The third not like the 
other two 
Was beaten, mocked
 and bound
A cross upon His shoulder
On Him it seemed a crown

Well crucifixions seldom take
An hour's worth of time,
In blood and pain and sorrow
Are the hardest words to rhyme
Three crosses on a darkened sky 
The struggling mocked and cursed
The second he wept bitterly
The third created earth

One man looked at Jesus 
all he saw was flesh and bone
The other looked at Jesus
 and he saw a bloody throne
One man said, 'He's
 just like us
He suffers our same loss.'
The other said, 
'He's innocent,
No crime did this lamb do.'
One said, 'If you're Lord, 
Take me down off this cross'
One said, 'You are Lord.
Take me with you.'

 It's funny now the
  way things go.
The times they never change.
The more it seems that 
hearts are new
The more they stay the same.
We carry our own crosses
And we bend but never bow.
We struggle 
sometimes violently
And cry, 'Lord, get us down'.
But like the thief 
on Calvary,
Who in a moment's space
He suffered just as 
did his Lord
And entered in His grace.
So Lord, give me the victory
To live and die like you
And cry, not 'Get me down'
But 'Take me with you'
One said, 'If you're Lord
Get me down off this cross'
And one said, 'You are Lord
Take me with you.'
 1990 Elizabeth Best Ph.D. 
All rights reserved.

Telemachus:Holy Name of Jesus


 1990 Elizabeth Kirkley Best,
 all rights reserved
Short in stature 
slow to speak
Stood a little 
monk so meek,
And he prayed before 
the holy name of Jesus
Planted gardens 
watched them grow
Prayed in silence,
 sun or snow
As he ever praised,
 the Holy Name of Jesus

Years went by, his 
prayers were heard
Though he barely 
spoke a word
How he wanted to 
extol the name 
of Jesus
Then the Holy Spirit, so
Said, To Rome, 
my small one, go
You must go and praise
 the holy name of Jesus

When he first
approached the sill
Of the city on the hill
He heard a roaring
crowd at Coliseum
And he climbed 
the stony wall
Barely bracing for a fall
He had come to claim
the holy name of Jesus

What he saw he could not say
Midst the blood and 
cheers that day
As he watched the
mighty Roman gladiators
Twas a fight unto the death
Midst the screams and 
jeers and bets
They had never known 
the holy name of Jesus

Well, he climbed 
into the ring
For he had a song to sing
Of the love that died 
upon a cross on Calvary
Some thought he was 
just a clown
The emporer sent down
Until the little monk 
cried in a voice so loudly,

In the name of
 Christ, forbear
You must leave 
your evil there
There is power in 
the holy name of Jesus
In the name of 
Christ, forbear
Every song that 
fills the air
Must bow down unto 
the holy name of Jesus

Well, the crowd 
began to cheer
As the warriours 
cut his ear
And knocked him to the 
ground where he 
lay bleeding
And they then 
resumed their fight
Barely wondering
at the plight 
Of the little one who 
loved the name of Jesus

Wee, the little one, 
struck down
He stumbled, getting
 off the ground
He cried, Forbear now 
in the holy name of Jesus!
And he placed himself
Flashing swords and 
then the scream
As they Killed
the little one
 who loved his Jesus

A dead silence
 filled the air
As the monk in 
brown lay there
Never moving, ever pale,
 dying slowly
One by one they 
rose to leave
Not believing 
what they'd seen
Some believing now, 
the name of 
Christ was holy.

Some might say it 
did no good
That for which the 
small one stood
When he cried out,
 Stop this in the 
 name of Jesus!
But that gladiator 
fight on that 
Coliseum night
Was the last in Rome,
 so praise the
  name of Jesus

In the name of Christ,
You must leave your
 evil there
There is power in the
 holy name of Jesus
In the name of Christ,
Every song that 
fills the air
Must bow down unto 
the holy name of Jesus

Hammer & a Nail


(alternate meter verses are sung incounterpoint simultaneously)
Part one:
He grew up strong 
With a hammer in His hand 
He learned to build 
Joseph taught Him
 how to stand 
He built a house 
Out of nails and a crown 
He built it well 
And it never will fall down 
This house was built 
With a hammer and a nail 
This house was built 
With a hammer and a nail 
This house was built 
With a hammer and a nail 
This house was built 
With a hammer and a nail 
And it's never 
gonna fail, my friend 
It's never gonna fail 
His house was built 
But it's not of human hands 
A corner set 
Long before the world began 
He told the truth 
Till it rang out in the land 
He healed the sick 
Then they came to 
bind His hands 
They took the one 
Who had done nobody harm 
They tried to take 
The hammer from His arms 
They used the nail 
And they drove 
it in His palm 
His blood ran red 
His house grew strong 
They took His form 
At evening form the tree 
The wood was made 
A home eternally 
God carved the stone 
From the tomb in which He lay 
They thought He'd gone 
But He's building 
still today 
Part Two 
The Lamb was born 
Without a home 
A wooden crib 
Would be his own 
In favor grown 
With God and man 
But only few 
Would understand 
The wood, the blood 
A nail and a crown 
He built a house 
And it never 
will fall down 
Though many've tried 
To destroy the
 gift He gave 
They cannot win 
There's a house 
upon the grave 
The Lamb of lambs 
Upon a cross 
He brought us love 
He suffered loss 
  The Lamb's blood shed 
The doorpost dove 
A corner set 
In blood and love 
He would not lie 
It cost Him sore 
The blood of God 
Upon the door 
(All alternate:
 imposed on main)

The Lamb of lambs 
He came to heal 
He came to give 
They tried to steal 
He gave His hand 
He made no sound 
The Lamb of God 
They hurt and bound 
The silent lamb 
Was laid to rest 
From crib to cross 
He was the best 
He made a door 
There is one way 
An open door 
On Heaven's day 
The Lamb went home 
To where He reigns 
He went before 
A place prepared 
He loved them dear 
He made them free 
He conquered death 
It was for me 


Who Hath Wounded Thee?


It was a sunny day 
A little child at play 
A wounded hand and
 tears did flow 
Ran to his mothers side 
And, oh, his mother cried 
Said, 'Darling,
 who hath wounded thee?' 
Who hath wounded thee? 
Who hath wounded thee? 
You're the one that
 I have dearly loved 
I should have 
worn your pain 
For I have 
loved your name 
Tell me, who hath 
wounded thee? 
It was a trembling hill 
The moment time 
stood still 
Outside the gates 
Jerusalem cried 
They pierced his
 hands and feet 
They bled the mercy seat 
And only few a love
 song sighed 
Ours is a childish game 
We say we love his name 
We claim his blood
 then turn away 
We say we love him dear 
But it is men we fear 
O Jesus I have wounded thee. 
 Elizabeth Best  

This Far From Home


This Far From Home
When first we were born,
Beneath Adam's tree
We hadn't left home
We were still family
But hands that 
choose apples 
And eyes can soon roam
And somehow we wandered
This Far From Home
This Far from Home,
 This far from Home
Hearts can grow weary,
 some become stone
Lord, how I long to
 see heaven alone
Hold us and keep us,
 This far from home

When Jesus, Messiah
Left God's holy side
And came as a baby,
The whole Kingdom cried
For what lay ahead, 
A nail and a thorn
A crown and a spear, 
He was this far from home


Oh, Jesus we pray
Keep Your eyes on this side
For no tears we shed
Are those You haven't cried
Hold us and keep us 
And help those who roam
Have mercy upon us
We're this far from Home


(c) Elizabeth Best Ph. D. 
All rights reserved. 



Build me a bridge Lord
I can't cross the River
Open My eyes Lord, for 
I cannot see
Still me the Storm Lord
With winds and waves raging
And lead me beside
the Stillwaters
Once I went sailing 
Sailing , Sailing 
the Ocean
Left all my maps 
and my charts
By the shore
Bowed beneath 
waves I cried
Help me, I'm 
Lead me beside 
the Still Waters
Now I've heard 
it said that
Still waters 
run deeper
Deeper by far than
the Waters
That roll
Such is the way Lord, 
with ways of the River
Such is the Way Lord
With Faith and 
Still Souls.

Behold the Man


Behold the Man
 Whose Name it is 
the Branch
He will Return
He's Building in

Behold the Man
His Name Emmanuel
He stands among
The Tribes of

He will Return
Upon an Eastern Wind
A Listening ear
Can hear it 
start to Sing
A Rush of Wind
It's blowing 
in Jerusalem
Behold the Man.
Behold the Man.

Behold the Man
Whose Name it is I AM
Ancient of Days
He knows the 
stars and sand
He made the Sky
His promises are Sure
Look Now, Jerusalem
A Coming Door


 1-3-03 Elizabeth K. Best, 



By the Works of his hand
Long before time began
The sky and the sea did unfold
And the earth sea, and sand
Were formed by his hand
By his hand his great
 glory was told

By the Works of His hand
Came the Glory of Man
By his works came 
the stars and the sun
By the works of His hand 
Jesus Christ
 became man
Just to show us 
what Glory had done

There's a glory of
 the moon and a
Glory of the sun
And a glory of 
the stars
 under heav'n
Every star in the sky
 I unique in 
 God's eye
And to each one a 
Glory is given
His creation
 was crowned
Adam made from 
the ground
A wife by his side
 and his soul
But the fruit 
of the tree
And a lie soon
 they'd see
Only God by His 
hand makes a home

When God Became Man



EKBest,  1990 (Lyrics)
Music: Angelique (Debbie) St. John (Music)

He walked in the dew 
of the bright morning sun
And each step he took 
was a victory sore won
The roses bowed down at
 the touch of his hand
And the World turned around 
when God became Man

Jerusalem: You 
jewel in the sun
Your eastern Gates are 
waiting for One
Who once walked upon 
the Galilee sand
When the World 
turned around,
 and God became Man

You passed through those
 gates to psalms 
 barely sung
Hosanna, Hosanna, Cries 
on the air hung
But barely a moment had
 turned the Whole land
Cried out for the blood
And God gave the Lamb

The Lamb, the Lamb
Did you see His eyes?
They nailed His hands,
 Did you hear Him cry?
Father forgive them, 
they don't understand 
The Price paid the day 
that God became Man

He looked to the sky and 
with His last breath,

Cried, Now it is
 done,  Love has
Banished all Death
My Spirit, My Father, 
is now in your Hands
And the tomb opened wide
When God became Man

And O how he walked from 
the site of the stone
Journeyed not long to 
His Paradise Home
He walks evermore through 
the pure hearts of Man
Through all who believe
That God become Man