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When the Cookie Crumbles

When the Cookie Crumbles

When the Cookie crumbles and it all falls apart When the plate is empty and you just got a start When your apple has a squiggly worm, just take heart Take it all and give it to the LORD When your brother bugs you till you start to cry When your sister hides your glasses, and you cant tell why When the kid next door sees if the guinea pig will fly Take it all and give it to the LORD When life just sort of crumbles Like the cookie falls apart Put your hands together Pray with all your heart God will answer by and by It just takes time When the cookie crumbles you'll be fine! When the bullies take your money and you don't have lunch When the teacher starts to stare like she has just a hunch When your name's called by the principal You didn't say a Word! Take it take it take it to the LORD. One day when you get older life gets way more hard Don't want to be a grownup, pay the bills or mow the yard The lessons that you learned when you were small were heard You'll know to take it take it to the LORD. First verse over Elizabeth Kirkley Best 2005 2/2/2005 3:02:19 PM
Stones Will Hear

The Stones Will Hear

When you first became a Christian You were taught to say God's Word and all it means, you know It's just His Way Sometimes there will be people Who will listen and fear But if they won't listen then the stones will hear Jesus said to preach the Word In season or in out Preach in the North, the West, and the East The South Preach it when it rains or snows or sun shines here And if people won't listen then the stones will hear! Preach the Word be instant In the dark and cold God doesn't leave a person out Not young or old Preach the love of Jesus Be of great good cheer And if they won't listen, then the stones will hear! He made the Rocks and Hills, and God He made the trees He made each of us different That's how Glory breathes He asked us all to listen to His Word, so dear But if we won't listen, then the stones will hear! 2/2/2005 3:23 PM Elizabeth Kirkley Best 2005 All Rights Reserved.
Shake Rattle Roll

Shake, Rattle and Roll (one day)

We live on one small planet And it spins and spins God was who created it God always wins Our world though its beginning to Grow old and gray Gonna Shake Rattle, and Roll (one day) Shake, Rattle Roll But you don't need to fear Shaking, rattling Rolling He will still be near And He will call His Own Up in His loving way Safe from Shake, Rattle and Roll (one day).