IF I should find
the Morning Waking (I'll Believe)

By Elizabeth K. Best

Song List

I know I've watched the healing hand Dispel the troubling pain Seen miracles Seen storms rise Then quiet on command And in a turning of a moment Seen the divine upon the sea If I should find the morning waking, I'll believe I've also seen the raging winds Seen innocents who die Seen fires burn devouring Love Seen soldiers weep and cry Seen Love bound and Beaten lowly Watch the climb up sorrow's lea If I should find tomorrow waking, I'll believe Bridge: Have you seen Messiah's dying? Seen the sky turn robbed of light ? Seen the nails the cruel mocking I have been to heaven's night And in the turning of a moment When hope and faith died on that tree I cried, would take the Morning Waking To Believe Find Him in the stars at evening Find Him in the rushing wind See the days turn See the vail torn See Him in heart again IF for now The darkness shudders Learn a lesson I have seen Once I found the Morning Waking I believe 2x