Judah's Glory

Shir Shamayim Songs
All Songs by Elizabeth K. Best

Early Songs: 1985-2003

Song List

Thou God that Seest Me


O hardly fair was Hagar's Lot
Abused despite and scorn
and left to Desert Wandering
Her child beneath the Thorn
God alone in Desert Wind
Gave answer to her plea
She cried out I know Your Name
Thou, God that seest Me

And Joseph he had no crime more
Than favor from above
Straight as the Woods of Lebanon
He only came in Love
Accuse of sin for many years
Jailed wrongfully
From depths he cried
I know Your Name Thou God
That seest me.

When Jesus hung on Golgotha
Beneath a piercing brow
He cried  Hast thou forsaken me 
but turning , looked till now
And then cried,  It is finished 
He set the desert free
He cried I know You are my Name
Thou God that seest Me

And should I in a fainting day
Beneath the thorn despair
Lift hand and Child  to Him that Sees
In suffocating Air
I'll cry when I am lost alone
To Him who set me Free
I know Your Name
I know Your Name
Thou God that Seest Me.

Walls of the Prisons Tumble Down


Peter stood at midnight midst the stone
And but for the might jailer, left alone
The angel came, the shackles fell
The streets were made his own
And the walls of the Prison tumble down

And the walls of the prison tumble down
Every free heart cries out to the sound
The Son of God the Son of Man receives a holy crown.
The Walls of the Prison tumble down

Jonah he got swallowed by a whale
And the belly of a fish became his jail
Till He cried out Lord Forgive Me 
And He landed on dry ground
And the walls of the prison tumble down.

Joseph he had never done a crime
Bit they threw him into prison for a time
Before the story's over He's made ruler for a sign
And the walls of his prison tumbled down

Paul and Silas sitting in a jail
Thought they'd never live to tell the tale
God sent a little thunder and an earthquake shook the ground
The walls of their Prison tumbled down.

Jesus before Pilate stood alone
As a prisoner, He should have had the throne
They nailed him to the Cross but in three days time they found
The Walls of His Prison tumbled down.


Under the Shadow of His Wing


There are shadows that shade and cool
And shadows that hide the truth
Some live continuing
Under the shadow of another
Some die in the shadows
Of a brother
There's just one place to sing
Under the Shadow of God's Wing

I've stood all alone
As each turned away 
In the bareness of day
No door meant anything
Where the only 
escape was under
The Shadow of His Wings

Outside the wind and 
swords terrify
Grace and Mercy, silently abide
Deep within God's view,
 Kindness hides
Daring the winds to crucify
What God has not ordained to die
The World defends its own 
Who sorrows bring
I'll hide beneath the 
Shadow of His Wings

I find no refuge anywhere
Wandering feet , 
I guess you've been there
The world will not understand
What it cost to find
A promised Land
There's a rest that 
will come and will bring
A New Song to Sing
But for now
I'll hide beneath
The Shadow of His Wings


Elizabeth K. Best  1999

This is a world that I no  longer choose
It isn't honest, it isn't true
The Day truth stood on trial
The World's heart cried
'Give us Barrabas'
and the Truth, just turned away 
And died
While somewhere in the distance
Clarion call
Before the noon day sun
The truth would fall
Beneath the Lies of earth
That He would bear:
Look, the Truth, lies bleeding there.

Onn yonder Cross on yonder hill
A lie prevailed
Time stood still
And Turth was nailed
To a tree
Declared by God The King of Truth
And mockingly
They nailed King of all truth
Above His head
In languages of Earth it still is read
The finest Truth that day
By liars died
But Truth and Death
Rarely  can abide

The ways of God, 
The ways of Earth don't blend
Each have a separate end
And faith sees finer truths that eyes can rend
When Truth through doors of death
Walks out it heals and mends
Truth Rose,
I suppose 
The blind they cannot see
A Resurrection

Those without a King


We've grown into a Lawless day
When none will bend or bow
All desired each, their own way
And the chaos grew till now
As we stand on doubtful Pinnacles
Mocking Winds begin to Rise
Fixed only on a doubtful Morn
While the Clouds ascend the skies
We're a people confident and sure
Though we've hardly gained a thing
Though the trumpet sounds
And the War Begins
We are those without a King

I have heard that one Day 
We will stand 
In blood borne bridle High
As the nations of the Earth move in
To build Castles , don't know Why
On that tiny sand all Life will end
We will lose Our chance to Sing
Though the Sovereigns of the Earth will cry
We are those without a King.

On that Day when Golden Trumpets Sound
When Men's hearts will fail to Sing
Will we  turn unto the Ancient Word
Or be those without a King.

There is still a chance when brutal suns
Take hold upon the dawn
We can stand in pride or run and  hide
Or choose the Holy One
If we dream the Kings of Earth prevail
Still it never means a thing
Till we learn to bow instead of Stand

A Nation's King Declares the War
We run to helpless Arms
As the ground beneath our trembling feet
Brings on the Coming Storm
You can raise the Costly banners
That through History still may Sing
But No one will be left Standing
If they rise without a King.

When the King of all the Earth Appears
Astounding Unbelief
On a White Horse & the Heavens Part
No Crown will bear its Peace
When the Sceptre lifts
Since Aaron's sons
And the Blossoms turn to Sing
Never to look back
Every Captive Free
Nevermore without a King

Never will look back
As the Sky unfolds
Nevermore without a King.

2003 Elizabeth K. Best, Shirshamayim music

This World is Not Our Home


The days I have may not unfold
As I would have them be
I was told when we are Young
We choose and we are free
But as we grow we may be led
in paths we never Dream
in silent faith
and in His Grace
We face our deaths alone
This World is not our Home

Though I may have to some it seems
the Learning and the song
I laid them down the Day I found
Our Lives aren't very long
I will not trust a failing earth
lost without revery
My trust is in
a greater land
In Love & Mercy Sown
This World is not our Home

And if I find one day in time
That I should fail to rise
I will not turn to looking back
But turn towards promised skies
We think we bring an offering
To lay before His throne
At Heaven's Gates they're all laid down
This World is not Our Home
ebest  2003



Before the Stars were laid in Space
Before the Wind was free
Before the Angels knew their names
Before Eternity
The dance of God began to rise
In blessed steps of Day
And as the Cornerstone was set
I heard the Music Play

The Dance is a dance when Adonai Leads
but a struggle when you cease
for the dances that we choose ourselves
Never lead to Perfect Peace
With an arm in arm
of Elohim
Let the song of ages ring
In Sweet Surrender
Join the Dance 
Of Life's Redeemer King

when Jacob rested on the Stone
Came  an Angel by God's Chance
and they wrestled in that Nighttime war
Though I think it was a Dance
Jacob said I will not let Go
Till a promised blessing be
So the Angel called Jacob Israel
And the Dancer set Him free

Twas a dance that stepped on Galilee
The Wind and the waves were warmed
Shalom, Shalom, cried Adonai
and the Waves they stilled like Stone
Another dance out on the Sea
And a trembling dancer fell
Till the dancing God cried
 'Now, the Dance' 
That faith is Dancing Still


by E. K. Best  1996  3-19-96 first dr

Children of the Kingdom


The Children of the Kingdom are Free
e.best 1999 

Braced and bound 
My hands as his
I've learned a lesson in the night
That though the world 
Takes captive-
The children of the light:
As a candle flame
Is not imprisoned 
By the darkness
This I've written 
On my heart:
The Children
Of the Kingdom 
Are Free.

Princes, Queens and Kings
of earth
Are bound without a second birth.
And freedom dies
Outside the bounds
Of earth's most lonely kingdom
But though God's children
Often die
Outside the wall
and no one cries
Though wandering
at peace I'll be
As long as
The children
Of the kingdom
Are free

Morning glories


There were morning glories
They were lost to the war
And the roses: 
Well, Roses
Never last long at the door
And a journey
That was way too long
For weary feet that
Never wanted more
Than roses, morning glories
And a rest from the war

Flowers in the history of
Have always had the freedom not to rhyme
Or they may,If they desire
Flee to the sky:
Until they are higher 
Than battles of the briars
That choke and slay,

Any blossom of freedom
Losing its way
From a grand and desired

It's why morning glories
Cant stay still
They climb.

Is it wrong to want the 
Glories of the morning?
Who come to life
And sudden without warning
Fade into wherever flowers go
Like my footsteps
Like the roses
Both who know
The Way they go
Without them telling me
But I follow
And I believe