Judah's Glory

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Abortion Song


Tell me what is like now
To feel a soft wind blow
To hear the ocean roar
To first step foot in snow
To hear the soft and gentle sounds
Of mother's midnight song
Cause once I came to Life
I didn't stay for long
I didnt stay for long

I've heard that there's a sweet sound
Wind whistling through the trees
The warm sun on your fingers
There reds and blues and green
The warm love of a Mother's heart
While rocking one to sleep
Tell me , and please stay awhile
I never lived to see
I never lived to see

Well heaven's shores are waiting
For the songs all left unsung
For tiny hearts and tiny hands
That never once have clung
To hands of loving mothers
Who never really knew
That small ones die by choices
And only sorrow grew
Only sorrow grew

So mother if you're listening
I know you need to know
I will always love you
Forgive you as you go
To look upon a rainbow
A forest or the sky
Cause once I came to find you
I came instead to die
I came instead to die.

E.K. Best © 1989

All By His Command

They never found that wooden cross
I think God wished it hid

Salvation was not of the wood
But by what Jesus did
They never found those nails of iron
That pierced his foot that day
I think that God who watched his pain
Felt best they're hid away
They never found that seamless robe
Once coveted by greed
I think God knew Christ's seamless blood
Was covering our need

They never really found the spear
Held in that last cruel hand
To prove completion as He'd said
Of Jesus' perfect plan

They never found that right decree
In every language known
For God declared him King of All
And Pilate lost his throne
they never found that crown of thorns
That pierced Love's only head
The marks he bears, still now he wears

A royal crown instead
They never found Christ's body
But there is news indeed
For 3 days hence His feet touched ground
Where once they watched Him bleed
Though many dig through centuries
To find Christ's body there
No tomb was made of stone so fine
To ever hold Him there.

And even Death it could not hold
Love stronger than its hand
A Savior not a body left
And All by God's Command

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Am I my Brother' Keeper?
The Earth Cries
Always on the Lips
of those who cause
Their brothers not to rise

Blood upon their hands
As their brother weeps and dies
And they rail at the skies
"Am I My Brother's Keeper?" 2x
And God cries.

They think the LORD won't see nor hear
Their boldness grows so wrong *
Wings lift fallen angels high
They see themselves as strong
But its only a wind, a random wind
And they fall with every calm
crimson sword in hand, 
& In their brother's land--
And He's gone,He's gone

Am I my brother's keeper ?
Am I my brother's keeper?
And God sighs

Once Jesus died upon a Cross
At Roman Soldiers' nails
Dark Angels in their 3rd Estate
find they seldom fail
 A voice rings out on that black sky
My Son, My Son,
Cries Adonai---

Each armed with a hammer and spear
Try to hide---we tremble with fear
Beneath the sky,We cry Adonai
Am I My Brother's Keeper?
And God cries.
© 2000 Elizabeth K. Best

Ain't A Gonna Bow


Mordecai was in the crowd
Old Haman strutted by
All were to bow- both then and now
To man, not God on High
But Mordecai while others bent
Kept standing, would not bow
The knee belongs to God and me
I ain't a gonna bow

I ain't a gonna bow I ain't a gonna bow To any short of God alone I ain't a gonna bow Daniel in the court of men Heard what's coming down The King declared no God but mine Or its the Lion's den So Daniel opened Windows wide And prayed out clear and loud God of the Heavens take my part I ain't a gonna bow Jesus walked the temple mount figs beneath his feet Priests declared "Who are you sir," To overthrow, defeat This is the House of God, he said "House of Men" right now They said, "bow down" But Golgotha said "Ain't a gonna bow"

Refrain © 1989 Elizabeth K. Best

Angry Sea


The waves break out on an Angry Sea
And the Ships rush into shore--
Been an angry sea that's followed me,
Since the day that I was born.
And the waves roll high and crash and bend
Tumbling in a sounding fall,
Only one man put them under foot
Only one man calmed them all.

The twelve were tossed and turned one night
Out on that Angry Sea,
Took the Sails down and they cast their lot
On whatever fate might be;
And just when hope died on those crests
Came the voice they strained to hear,
Peace be Still, It's an Angry Sea---
But it is not beyond God's will.


And that Angry Sea turned to resting swells
And the wind died slowly down.
Under Royal Reigns, as Christ Commands
That Angry Sea calmed down.

It's an Angry Sea this stormy life
Sometimes waves block out the sun.
Watching gales rise, we turn our eyes
To Israel's Holy One.
And we plead the hand that calmed the storm
That all the world might see
That it's He alone who owns the waves
Out on that Angry Sea.

It's He alone that owns the waves
Out on that Angry Sea
© 1998 Elizabeth Kirkley Best

Because We are not Beautiful


Days that young, younger days,
Memory's eyes still sees them.
 Young eyes, young hands
They win the Crown
Dance on rainbows---
Over ground
The world is theirs 
They think it lasts,
they pause: On other shores
But older hands are wise
& know,They will not lift the oar
Because they are not beautiful,
Any more.

Days grow old,Icy days
Life's knife engraves earth's lessons--
Older eyes, older hands,
Release desired crowns:
They call,Don't run 
the world's not ours, 
Seek higher ground,
for blessings:

It will not last 
Past other shores, but
youth turns its eyes
Thinking they are wise
and run till the thundering deafens.
Because we are not beautiful anymore.

Because we are not beautiful
  we see
What beauty hides---
And really what it meant to be
beneath our aging eyes.
The finer things are golden,
but earth's gold  hides its face
Beauty, in the greater prize:
Love unending
And Grace
©2000 E.K.Best

Cain's Lament

Well Abel was a gracious child,
I suppose
Never asked for more than what was his
You reap what you sow
I saw a world that might have more design 
What you plant grows
What you tend goes
I suppose I 've never had much time
For a gracious child
I could do better to make what's 
his mine

And through the years they never understand
It's been hard to get that blood off of my hands

That mother's son that brother known from time
Thought he was but never was a friend of mine
His sacrifice was foolish I suppose
Never knew a man who tended land 
To choose a lamb,
Instead of banquets of what richly grows

through these years there's been a lot
to understand----

I could never get that blood off of my hands

A thousand have through the centuries come
Each one spilled the blood 
Of a mother's son
Not satisfied with what was theirs to own
They always wanted more
Whatever  price would come

 If mere will's not enough then death might
 That's the way the world is 
 That's how its done.
 Through the years they fail to understand,
 It's hard to get that blood off of your hands.

 A gentle breeze blew on 
 the shadow of a perfect son:
 The world upon his shoulders I suppose.
 He never wanted more,
 Than ordinary souls--
 His sacrifice was foolish I suppose.
 Almost every Cain , Picked up a stone
 They thought they'd take 
 What's His by force----
 The way the world is, 
 The way the world goes.

 And through the years they never

 His gift was free, and by belief
 It was their theft that was not planned
 Hard to get that blood off of your hands.

 © Elizabeth Kirkley Best 2001

Dark Night of Faith

 In the Dark Night of Faith
With your vision obscured
Life seems indifferent 
Directions are blurred
You Call to your Father
Call to the Son
In the Dark Night of Faith
When no answer comes

In the dark clouds of day
as the hours roll on
When the sound that rings out 
Is the death of your song
And you call to your Father
Call to the Son
And the dark night of Faith
Is endlessly long

In the hours of morning 
Right before dawn
When your strength has escaped you
Your hope almost gone

And You call to your Father
Call to His Son
In the dark night of Faith
Before Breaking dawn

In the morning that follows
In the Glory of Love
When your prayers have
 been answered
With light from above
And you call to Your Father
You call to his Son
Crying Thank you Lord Jesus
And the Dark night is gone
© 1986 Elizabeth K. Best

Day of Glory

I walk through days of darkness,
Just as did he crucified.
Different nails pierce my hands,
Different spears pierce my side.
I am not as apt as He
To cry "forgive them", as I die:
But the echo "it is finished"
Fills my heart and fills my eyes.
Makes me stare beyond the night
Look beyond the eastern sky,
To the 3 day work of Heaven,
To the Day of Glory.

I have prayed Gethsemane
But my forehead never bled.
Suffered through the men of scorn,
But thorns have seldom pierced my head.
He declared beneath that sky
They know not what they do, nor why;
Even as His last breast rattled
He cared for you and I.

Love as this it causes wonder,
At the Love we crucified.
To the day when True Love triumphs,
On the Day of Glory,
On the Day of Glory.

I have been dealt  injustice
At the hands of mortal men,
He declared where he was from,
With no more He was condemned.
Climbing up Moriah's Mountain,
Crying do not weep for me---
Even struggling on to death,
Loved His own lambs tenderly.

Crimes he never would commit
Nailed Him to the tallest tree
God in three days changed the verdict
On the Day of Glory
On the Day of Glory.


Day of Glory
Day of Glory
One Day I will close my eyes
Wake up in the land of Mercy
To eternal lullabies.
Though this sad world tears and shatters
All creation once made whole
I will see the Day of Glory
in the Day of the Lord .
© 1998; 2nd version 1999 Elizabeth K. Best

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