Judah's Glory

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In the Shadows of Galilee


 In the Shadows of Galilee

As life begins to near expected shores
In looking to the ocean
I expected more
The proudest sails fail
And the winds become a breeze
Leaving me far less
Than I supposed I 'd be
But with a voice
That now out sounds the Sea
In the Shadows of Galilee

I expected bricks would build and tower
In the castles I had hoped they'd be
The grandest buildings
Turned to sand , eventually
And leaving nothing but the dust
I stand
Higher, taller though without
On another's land
And with a vision of eternity
In the Shadows of Galilee

When in my despair I count the cost
And dream of what
I dreamed that I would be
I turn and first count 1 Golgotha Cross
Where even Peace itself was given me
And where the garment I could never wear
Was born by He already scars to bear
Before I count my cost, the
Thorns I see
Within the Shadows piercing Galilee

I know as every war will rise and rage
And leave bewildered on this shore of Loss
That He whom I have loved since time began
Is watchful, still he's bearing 
Adam's Cost
Seas rise my feet take hold 
When I can see
He walks still calming Shadows, Galilee.

One thousand songs sing of that fateful day
When skies grew black ; 
His friends were fought by waves
That threatened drowning
Till they reached to be
The Shadow, of the One on Galilee

Lord in my little faith , pray
strengthen me
My life within your Shadow, Galilee

 1986 Elizabeth K. Best

Gabriel, Gabriel


Gabriel, Gabriel 
Had a harp
Strummed it till it sang
With th voice of Heaven's Wind
A Symphony
God's Perfect Plan
Love by blood
Beloved Son
To those who understand
Gabriel, Gabriel 
had a harp,
Sing, Gabriel
Of Heaven's land

Sing Gabriel sing
Sing brighter than the sea
Of every wind of everybreeze
Mountains lilies
And the trees
In praise of what God's done
For me
By your Son
A briarthorn ring
Crowned a King, 
Sing Gabriel Sing

Michael,Michael had a star
Shining in his hand
Set it in the desert sand
Called it Israel:
God' s perfect plan
Love by blood 
Beloved Son
He'd evermore defend
Michael Michael had a star
Sing Michael now 
Of Heaven's Lamb

Gabriel, Gabriel
Sing High
Gabriel, Gabriel
Sing Low
For I know that when I die
God's Great Heaven is where I'll go

Once I lived a life in sin
I never let let him in
Cause I could not see the plan
Of God on earth, come as man
When I saw the need for grace
In Tears I fell down on my face
Saw a cross on Calvary
Lord of Glory 
Set me free

Such a simple song to sing
In a world of woe
Tears they far outweigh our peace
But joy's beyond that valleylow

I am free 2x
Sing, Gabriel Sing

In the Moments Before
Love Shows the Way


The Morning Still Was Gray Only streaks of sunlight warmed the day In the streets the barking dogs Merchants raising awnings up Work begins in dawning cool Children on the verge of school In the Moments before Love Shows the Way A marketplace of stone Near the high priest's house, Christ stood alone Love on Trial, condemned to die Thunder rumbled in the sky David's City Canvas laid For the brush of God that Day In the moments before Love Showed the Way The morning pavement shook Drops of love along a bloody route Each painful step to Calvary A splintered cross of agony A coronation set in thorns Nailed hands, and then the storm In the Moments just as Love showed the Way Christ has died today Above a sad Jerusalem of gray Most claimed that they did not know Busy in their lives and so Marriages and babies born People died and mourners mourned The Morning before Love showed the way Resurrection on a normal day Years beyond Jerusalem Love still shows the Way Wall street merchants start their day Cars fill interstate highways Children bussed to city schools Laws replace the golden rule In moments before Love shows the way.