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Old Jacob: A Christmas Song


 On Sweden's bitter winter night
It was just barely 
Christmas Eve
Old Jacob came a trudgin
through the snow
And as for years 
the Old Jew carried
All the precious 
Christmas treasures
As a merchant of the heart 
Each Child would know

There were bangles and
bright baubles
and the sweets tied 
to the season
Old Jacob had not 
missed a Christmas yet
Everybody in the village 
With their eyes turned
toward the baby
Of Judaea knew 
Old Jacob can't forget...

He'd cry is any body there 
Doesn't anybody care
Do ya hear me hear me 
Knocking at your door
For the treasures that I hold
Are sweeter still than gold
And the winter wind 
Can make a body sore
Do you hear me, hear me 
Knocking at your door.

Well the storm was growing colder
When  the winter wind came bold
Old Jacob thought he heard a little cry
Of a child, but then he shuddered, 
No, no one would let a child go
Into such a storm, 
No one goes out but I.

But he heard the voice once over
And it pierced the old Jew's heart
And he saw a tiny form lay in the snow
He found her heart still beating 
To the rhythm of his sorrow
He left his Christmas 
treasures in the snow.

Though now he could barely see 
Through the snow and through the trees
Jacob spied a house just up the hill
He stumbled running onward
Frozen hands knocked loudly
He kept kept her in his
arms safe from the chill
He could scarce 
believe his hearing 
When the footsteps came inside
A voice cried out, no mind, 
It's just the Jew--
How dare you come to this house
On the birthday of our Savior
He was put to death 
by people just like you.
continued in next column...

Old Jacob cont'd


Old Jacob died that moment though
his feet still stumbled out
To the place where he 
began his final journey
Though the cold and bitter wind 
Killed his spirit deep within
It was the icy words
that killed the love 
Still burning 

It was a silent, snowy
And no Christmas gifts had come
when the couple from 
the house stepped foot
On snow
They gasped when first 
they saw him
Jacob never moving
Their hearts broke when
they opened up his coat

"We have sinned 
against the sinners" 
Cried they dropping 
to their knees 
And no tears were ever 
wept more bitterly
For in Jewish arms 
they found her----
He kept his arms around her:
Their daughter, their darling


You know, its easy to forget 
Amidst our cold hearts and our hatred
The saving death of one 
Old Lonely Jew
Or about the lonely dying 
Of another Jewish Savior
Who threw His arms around both
Me and You
He came to give a gift that was
more wonderful than treasures
More wonderful
Than Jacob ever knew
If we lived our lives like Jacob
Then told the world of Jesus
Perhaps the whole wide world 
Would love him too.


....Do you hear him will open
 up the door

Adaptation by E.K.Best of a
lengthy poem by a Swedish
legislator about a true event
 at the turn of the century
 that changed hearts.

 1986 Elizabeth K. Best

Little Lies


Slanderous little lies
Words that bite and hiss
Wasn't it on Calvary 
He died for such as this
The tongue it is a rudder
It makes mighty ships sink
Low, So Consider who your
 words could harm

Before you let them go

Well at first they 
called him glutton
And they gave him not to eat
And then they called 
him drunkard and 
They gave him not to drink
And then they called 
him crazy and 
they tried to bring him down
The Priests they called him devil
And ran him out of town.

Well they tried to say 'sedition'
But the charges wouldn't hold
They said he prospered treason
For their own hearts were that cold
They tried to charge with blasphemy
Him who created all
And in unison cried, "crucify"
The word of God stood tall

Now we often say what we don't mean
In anger or in sin
Never thing where the words might fly
Or where those words have been
But lies they break up families 
And hurt more than we know
Consider what those words might do
Before you let em go

Well it wasn't only nails
That put my Savior on the Cross
It was slander, gossip, little lies
That turned to cruel loss
O those little tiny murderous words 
 We say with out a thought
 took the Perfect Lamb of Heaven
 Crucified Him on our cross


Outside the City


How easy to enter in at the gate
In a Grand Parade
And soldiers in wait
Declared a King in every eye
Knees bow, Glory passes by
But harder by far is the one who stands
Outside the gates in desert sand
And for a sceptre, 
A wounded hand
Raised in Power
Outside the City 2x

Grand things happen within the walls
Princes waltz in fine array
 Princes war on every hand
 Battles begin when the
 swords are raised

But outside the city
Another King
Falls in Prayer, and 
Starving, offering---
Stones for bread
Instead of wine
And a battle begins for Souls
Outside the City, OTC,

Stones for bread 
And a battle begins 
Outside the City.

Man needs more than angel bread
Or pinnacle worlds
To rule the dead
A choice is made
to rule the earth
Or choose a Kingdom, 
a second birth,
Harder by far a wounded King
Raises a hand in suffering
King of Souls, will not look
But walks his hearts
They find Him crowned

Outside the City, 2x

He walks the heart,they find him crowned
Outside the City
An earthly King's hand
Is often raised with rings of gold
And cups of old

But a King's hand bound
Outside the gate
Holds greater power to those who wait
And even death in dying breath
Cannot contain His life or breadth
His sceptre raises and
thousands sing

Following a king of Kings
Outside the city 2x

Outside the City 
Beyond the Sky
a sea Of wounded hands
lifted high
Who all had died but followed true
In three days time
A King of Jews
His Kingdom now forever
Outside their City
 look, behold A King and Crown
New Jerusalem comes down
The City home Forever for
The ones who never wanted more
A home with Him in peace
Outside the City 2x

Last Nail


Every cruelty,
Every Word
Designed to break the heart
Plays the cross once again
from the start the very start
First a coronation robe
Thorn Crown
Stripes blood red
The cross First kneel
Another Love's hands are bled
But the last nail barely 
more is felt
Last pain it almost fails
Heartless hands, hammer
And the Last Nail

See that bough love hung there
In purposed agony
Begged the nails driven in
Far from Galilee, far from galilee
All but calling for the pain
First nail
A hand again
Second, and the blood
not in vain
The Last Nail
They though would cease
His walking round the
heart in freedom's vail
The Last Nail

See your brother on the Cross
See nails, hatred, hammered in
He held on to those nails
Turned them into Love again
Nails, then blood
Touched a High Priest's hands
And the Mercy Seat
Holy found with grace so great 
Cant comprehend
How after all the hatred
Love didn't fail
At the Last Nail.

 2000 e.k.best

Leaving in the Spring


Well I heard that you are walking round
On Galilee On Galilee
And I heard that wondrous grace follows too
Mysteries and miracles
The dead rise and the deaf they sing
I believe, O I believe
For the sound of truth it rings
But the hardest to believe they say
You'll be leaving in the Spring 2x
He sat to dine on linen fine
And the pesach lamb was set
The true lamb watched the table lamb
With gaze which grew intense
And He said you may not understand
I'm to suffer many things

With a broken heart, He sang this song
"I'll be leaving in the spring" 2x

On a wooden Cross, one ink black day
The love of God was hung
In a tapestry of blood and pain
to see which hearts would come
Two were dying thieves the third a Lamb
Who forgave impaling rings
Cried it's finished, now you understand
I'd be leaving in the Spring.
[last verse]