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When Love Returns


When Love Returns
 Upon  the Clouds
 Upon a Promise
 Spoken Loud
 The heart, the Soul
 Will reach to hold
 All that the centuries
 When Love Returns 2x
 Two will be standing 
 On a hill
 One will be left
 One standing Still
 And One will soar
 Upon God's wing
 Upon the Wind
 Bought by blood and
 When Love Returns 2x
 And one will be 
 Left standing still
 Earthbound in Chains
 Of their own will
 They will not fly 
 At God's Command
 So tied and bound 
 To doubting land
 How could their hearts
 Not burn?
 When Love Returns 2x
 When Love Returns
 And calls my name
 I shall arise
 As He did then
 The Heart the Soul
 God's greatest gain
 As Paradise is Given
 Back again
 When Love Returns.
 e.k.best  2000

 1986 Elizabeth K. Best



I have heard it said
Let there be peace
But there is no peace on earth
For the Kings of Men
Never bow, to heaven
Or a second birth
Over boundaries and banners
wars rage and then they cease
A son dies,
Lovely Child
Innocent by blood
Love's lease
Let there be peace

It was long ago
and far away
And there was no peace on earth
A black dead sky
the winds stood still
 And ancient sin
 Showed its worth
 As the war raged heaven's 
 banner flew
 It took blood 
 that sin would cease
 A Son dies
 Lovely Child
 Wars ceased
 Let there be Peace
 A Messiah never could abide
 To be apart for long
 From the ones he chose 
 For Whom he rose
 He was tired
 And too alone
 So the Prince of Glory 
 Left their side
 To dwell in hearts at peace
 That Son died
 Lovely Child
 So that wars 
 would cease
 Let there be Peace
  2000 Elizabeth K. Best

White Rose


If I ever have a house of my own
I'll plant white roses, tender roses
From a window I'll gaze when I'm alone
Out on white roses, tender roses
Only then, I think I'll never roam
If I ever have a house of my own

Born to wander, born to travel
like the leaves fly in the wind
Think I'm settled, and the wind blows
I'll be gone again
To some city where I've never been before
Asking Jesus for the reason of a
Life like this and more
Everytime I pass a little house 
I sigh
Wonder what its like to never
Say goodbye.

Some trees grow beside a river never 
move and never bend 
Some leave fly in winding patterns 
with every turn and wind
The Lord he must have planned the
world that way
Knew the ones who had to fly
The ones who had to stay
Only he can tell the purpose and the plan
Sometimes home is found in standing
still but then
Sometimes home is found in flight on 
every wind

Once he travelled, once he walked upon
The Sea of Galilee
Could have stayed he could have spent his
life alone
He chose instead to calm the storm
And still the raging sea
He knew his own would find their home
One day upon that storming foam

But after every wind has blown
E'en past the doors of death
And I find myself upon his shores
In one last freeing breath
I will walk into the home He's built
For me
Looking over that starry crystal sea
But over in the corner
Waiting there for me
Will be White Roses
There'll be white roses.

 2000 Elizabeth K. Best

Spring Sought to Hide Calvary


In the spring when dogwoods bloom
When the nights were cool
And the days were cruel
Funny isn't it , as blossoms grace 
green trees, 
Spring sought to hide Calvary

It was cool enough the night 
To warm hands by the fire
In flames of denial
Night time hid the Spring 
By morning, blossom vines did sing
As Spring tried to hide Calvary

It hurts to think that as He 
Stumbled by in Agony
Fresh winds that he created blew
His flowers on His path were strewn
And the vine grew quickly to cloud the sting
As the Spring sought to hide Calvary

He made the Smith he made the coals
He made the fire
That forged the nails 
That lifted His Son higher
And of the cross
Some legends even say, a dogwood tree
Lilies, Palms mourned as the Spring
watched Calvary

What can Springtime hide
In bright lace curtains blowing free
Does it mock the Suffering
Upon that tree?
Or in grace , does Springtime's glory
Lift the vail
Show in 3 Days times 
That Dayspring, did not fail

A cool wind and a cruel cross
Can both be free
Spring now points the way
To Calvary

 2000 E.K.Best

The Children of the Kingdom


Braced and bound
My hands as his
I've learned a lesson 
In the night
That though the world takes 
The Children of the LIght
As a candle flame
Is not imprisoned
By the darkness,
This I've written on my heart
That the Children of the
Kingdom, Are Free

Whom do earth's Kings 
Demand their tribute
Of their own or those that be
Of another kingdom's king
Jesus asked,
Perter said,
"Not of another" 
Kings of Earth
Earth's servants be
Listen closely all His Children
Hear His Words
Then are the Children of the
Kingdom, Free

Princes, Queens, and Kings of earth
Are bound without that 
second birth
Freedom lives outside the walls
Blossoms in a fire's hearth
So even bound by pride and greed
Angels bear sons willingly
Walls and chains confess their need
And cant prevail 
Against the Children, of the 
Kingdom, who're free. 

Young and Wounded


Young and wounded,
Running for the Stars,
Young and wounded 
He knows exactly where you are
And He knows just what you're chasing after
God knows what so far
Young and wounded
If you could only see his scars
When he was 
Young and Wounded,
Young and Wounded.

Young and Wounded
Where is your dancing going to lead
Young and wounded
I'ved seen you chasing every dream
You tumble round in circles,
For a dream you hope will last
Young and Wounded
I hope your heart cannot get past
That crown of thorns
they mocked Him with
When HE was young and wounded,
Young and wounded.

Young and wounded
You believe because I'm old
That I don't see the world
I've seen it loud and bold
As it tears and crashes down your hope
Leaves you dying in the cold
Young and wounded 
If you could only set your hope
On the One who gave up all he owned
for an aching scarlet robe
 Young and Wounded 
He was Young and wounded

Young and wounded
I've heard your songs ,
they're black as night
Young and wounded, 
Seen your pictures 
beg for light
You are looking for a morning
Though your heart escapes the truth
Young and wounded
He was once as young as you
He was Young and wounded
Young and wounded

end refrain
He walked out from death's darkness
As the Life that couldnt die
Young and Wounded,
Its life or death
Beyond that sky
Young and Wounded
Young and Wounded
Won't you try....

 2000 Elizabeth Kirkley Best

Seminary Cemetary


I have a little news to tell 
I wish it were not so
Put on your mourning clothes and weep 
for what you soon will know
In lands across America
In once were hallowed halls
the Seminary Cemetary builds it's deadly walls

Where once was beauty once was light
Where once Redeemer ruled
A new age way begins the day
And Man becomes the fool
Hearts alive are hearts now dead 
To love which took a spear
The seminary cemetary age
Has now grown near

And how will we explain to Christ 
With faces towards the throne
About the ones who said they knew
the one who stood alone
They cast a vote a seminar
On what He really said
They cast a vote on whether He had
Risen from the dead

The Seminary Cemetary 
Such a sight to see
they will not teach a holy word
But their philsophy
And yet they speak of peace and love
And names they've heard before
They were not looking when He left
Can't live there anymore

I wonder what they'll do the day 
The final trumpet sounds
I wonder how their theories then
Will shake with all the ground
and will they stand and mock with dissertations
Wrote and read
The Seminary Cemetary will
Give up its dead

and isn't it a comment on how cold our
hearts can grow
When schools we build for shepherds
Miss the one their supposed to know
We watch the mausoleum vines
Surround the churches doors
The Seminary Cemetary
Jesus doesn't live here anymore.